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Happy 2006 Season. It’s great to have baseball back. The universe continues to bless my unique niche of sports astrology with much abundance.

I just became the official astrologer for ESPN ALL NIGHT RADIO with Jason Smith.

Please feel free to tune in, and I will list any future appearances.

I also will be writing an enlightening monthly horoscope column on’s Weekender area called "Checking the Signs." I hope you have a chance to check it out to see what’s in your stars and what baseball player shares your sign.

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer

Mars Retrograde and A’s Macha RE-hired

When planets Retrograde, we re-view, re-think and re-flect.

How interesting that A’s Manager Ken Macha was Re-hired Oct. 13, 2005. The New Moon eclipse of Oct. 3, 2005, aspected his sun in Libra, (born Sept. 29, 1950, Wilkinsburg, PA) and negotitations broke down shortly thereafter, on Oct. 5, as fiery Aries (March 29) GM Bily Beane was not in the spirit of compromise, as the eclipse aspected his chart by opposition.

They re-visited and re-thought, and now Macha is back at the helm.

Mars also rules surgery and its not recommeneded to have elective surgery when Mars is retrograde. Mars started retrograde motion Oct 2, 2005 and will be retorgrade till Dec 10, 2005, leaving its shadow point Feb 3, 2006.

Pitchers having already had surgery during this inauspicious cycle include A’s Rich Harden and Mets Braden Looper.

Approximately when pitchers report for spring training in mid- Febuary……….lets hope things to not have to be "Re-done".

As above, so below.

Mars retrograde and Game 2 of the ALCS Playofs

With two eclipses this month of October 2005 (Oct. 3 and Oct. 17) and Mars, the planet of energy, assertion and aggression, retrograde, expect the unexpected during October.

Playoff baseball and the World Series should continue to be full of controversy.

With Mars, the red planet in reverse, all things related to Mars-personal power, energy and drive, athletic competition, emotions, volatility, anger, accute conditions, leadership traits, and egocentric views are highlighted. When planets retrograde (think mercury retro for communication confusions) there are more likely to be misunderstandings and internalized expressions of that planetary energy.

Gear up for a powerful, transformational month with these planetary alignments.

As above, so below.

Randy Johnson Astrology Forecast as Jupiter Aligns With Mars!

We have been waiting for this since the Age of Aquarius!

Jupiter is aligning with Mars, more specifically for baseball fans, Jupiter, the planet of good fortune, is aligning with Yankees pitcher Randy Johnson’s Mars, planet of energy, assertion and aggression. Timing is everything, as he should be strong for the playoff push.

This happens once every 12 years, ushering in a whole new cycle of personal and professional growth. Johnson’s astrology forecast is powerful through the month of October 2005. This is a cycle of optimism, great physical vitality and endurance. Self-confidence and will power is high, he’s more assertive than usual.

Game 3 is October 7, 2005 at 5:00 pm PT

BTW, Full Moon Lunar Eclipse aligns with his Mars on Oct. 17, 2005.

Stay tuned:)

Braves Tim Hudson NLDS playoff astrology forecast

Looks like some possible challenges for Hudson for the NLDS playoffs, as Saturn (planet of limitation) makes a challenging aspect to his Mars (planet of energy, assertion and aggression)

Usually a cycle of low physical energy and frustration, as actions meet with resistance. Saturn rules the skeletal structure, so there may be some challenges there as well.

Sports Astrology on “Sports Sunday” NBC 11 Oct. 2, 2005 11:30 p.m.


Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, will be on "Sports Sunday" with Raj Mathai on Sunday Oct. 2, 2005 at 11:30 p.m.

NBC 11 is Channel 3 in the S.F. Bay Area.

This eclectic planetary discussion will include the Yankees vs. Red Sox, Barry Bonds, The San Jose Sharks season ahead and the forecast for S.F. 49er’s first round draft pick Alex Smith.

Hope you can tune in.


As above…so below……

As the planetary adage goes, "As above, so below"

I accurately predicted tough times for Mets mysterious Scorpio closer Braden Looper in the month of September on several blogs, including "Inside Pitch" Sept. 8, 2005, where I wrote "Looper Fading Under the Stars".

Looper disclosed yesterday, Sept. 28, 2005, that he has been pitching with a nagging pain in his shoulder that progressively worsened in September and now will undergo surgery. As Scorpios can be secretive, controlling, manipulative and non-revealing, it will be interesting to see how things unfold, especially when this aspect repeats itself March-May 2006.

Stay Tuned.