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The following article about Eric Byrnes, MLBlogs and me was published online on May 31.

May 31st was the second iteration (of 5) of Pluto Trine Pluto for me.

Byrnesie’s Natal Sun in 27 AQ is very tightly opposite my natal Pluto at 25 Leo 51.

I have been gently urging folks to include Byrnes on their All-Star ballots. (A mass movement?)The year he has been having has been inspiring some people to do just that.

Anyway, if you feel like reacting to the Astrology of this article in, I would love to read the post. (The timing of the article’s publication is on it).

This was a story that presented itself to the writer on opportunity, as everyone was in the right place at the right time just long enough for it to happen. (Eric and I both have Jupiter Square Saturn, in different signs, so that we would both have the right timing for the same project is something of a miracle. BTW, he and I have never met. I just think he’s the type of ballplayer, and person, we need more of in this world).



Do you think the A’S playing well in June, could be explain by the stars? I can’t figure it out logically so it must be the stars.


-Edgar Martinez, A’S Fan

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