Barry Zito’s Astrology Explains his Fate

I have been following Zito’s astrology chart since 2001 when I was the sports astrologer on “Extra Innings” the A’s post game radio show with Robert Buan.
Here is what I see:
Timing is everything!  Zito is the poster child of how athletes get caught in long-term challenging planetary cycles.
The Giants signed him last year when he was at the beginning of the weakest decline of his physicality in his entire career.
He finished the season 11-13 4.53 ERA
Certain planetary alignments can create cycles of low physical vitality and low psychological energy, as well as feelings of discouragement, vulnerability and depression.
This dark night of the soul for Zito will continue throughout the entire 2008 season.
Demoting him to the bullpen will only make matters worse, during this period of confusion and uncertainty. Wherever you go there you are, as Zito’s confidence will take yet another big hit.
Zito himself mentions that he needs to be more “aggressive” and it’s not mechanics, his stuff, or velocity. (Energy is real, like your article on Kreepy Korner).
This too shall pass, but not before the season ends. Not unlike Ken Griffey’s decline, who finally got back on his feet a few seasons later, there’s no way out but through.
I also predicted Alex Smith being a huge disappointment when the 49ers signed him. Video link is on NBC 11 Sports Final with Raj Mathai.
Based on the same transit Smith was going thru (and I do not follow football as much as baseball) I made the same prediction.
Robb Nenn even retired when a similar planetary cycle occurred!
Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer

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