NY Mets Mike Pelfrey’s 2008 Astrology

New York Mets Michael Pelfrey’s Astrological Profile and 2008 Forecast

by Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer, mlb.com ?Checking the Signs? writer

With the 5th spot in the New York Mets pitching rotation in competition between El Duque and Mike Pelfrey, I’d like to cast my cosmic vote for earnest Capricorn, Mike Pelfrey. Born January 14, 1984 in Wichita, Kansas Mike is serious, disciplined, and quietly ambitious. Driven to prove himself, his work, position in the world, and contributions to society are very important. Capricorns like Mike will persevere through enormous hardship and frustration in order to reach a goal. Like their Mountain Goat archetype, slowly but surely they climb to the top. Capricorns have a thoughtful, quiet, and self-contained disposition, always seem to be in control, and are capable, efficient, and strong. Highly conscientious, even as a child Capricorn’s possess a maturity, soberness, and worldly wisdom.

Basically a pragmatic realist, Mike has an innate shrewdness and is detached and objective. Careful and conservative, he plays by the rules.

Subtle, understated, quiet, Mike’s a modest person and sometimes overly self-critical. Strong points are depth and thoroughness, patience, tenacity, and faithfulness. Challenges are a tendency to be rigid and inflexible, and too serious.

2008 is a huge year for Capricorn Mike. Jupiter, planet of good fortune and expansion, is in industrious Capricorn. This once every 12-year cycle ushers in a time of optimism and self-confidence. Mike feels like he can take on the world. His goals are within reach and success comes easily now. Having gained much wisdom from the past, he now has the opportunity to efficiently and effectively put his goals into action.

Recognition, approval and fame are forthcoming, as he triumphs in almost all undertakings.

Supported by a feeling of abundance, and strong willpower, he is lucky and favored now. With his less than stellar 2007 season of 3-8, 5.57 ERA behind him, timing is everything?this is Mike?s year! Disciplined and responsible Capricorn Mike said it best himself after a successful Grapefruit outing in the Mets first exhibition game,  "I?ve got to start pitching well, might as well start at the beginning." He also noted that he felt better, all good omens for the Mets and Mike?s season ahead.

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