Mars Retrograde and A’s Macha RE-hired

When planets Retrograde, we re-view, re-think and re-flect.

How interesting that A’s Manager Ken Macha was Re-hired Oct. 13, 2005. The New Moon eclipse of Oct. 3, 2005, aspected his sun in Libra, (born Sept. 29, 1950, Wilkinsburg, PA) and negotitations broke down shortly thereafter, on Oct. 5, as fiery Aries (March 29) GM Bily Beane was not in the spirit of compromise, as the eclipse aspected his chart by opposition.

They re-visited and re-thought, and now Macha is back at the helm.

Mars also rules surgery and its not recommeneded to have elective surgery when Mars is retrograde. Mars started retrograde motion Oct 2, 2005 and will be retorgrade till Dec 10, 2005, leaving its shadow point Feb 3, 2006.

Pitchers having already had surgery during this inauspicious cycle include A’s Rich Harden and Mets Braden Looper.

Approximately when pitchers report for spring training in mid- Febuary……….lets hope things to not have to be "Re-done".

As above, so below.

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